There’s more than just butt game

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Our butt game continues. Lady and I kept our secret from Mr. Houston and we continue seeing each other and doing butt wiki every time Lady’s not fucking his boss. Oh, I can’t get enough of Lady’s body. I thought I will only enjoy butt wiki with her but I tried fucking her pussy, too, and it’s also great.

We were at a motel, hiding from the eyes of Mr. Houston. We knew that he’s already suspecting our illicit meetings. He pointed out that I’ll just have one chance of fucking Lady and he’ll give me no more than that. But Lady and I enjoyed that first time and we decided to go on and fuck until we get tired with each other. I just finished fucking Lady’s hard butt and she was in the shower, freshening up. I still wanted more so I joined Lady in the shower, surprising her by wrapping my arms around her soapy waist. Then I helped her soap her body, starting with her neck, my hand lingered into her breasts, playing with her nipples. Lady’s body stiffened. She pulled my head and I bent down to lick her earlobes. I felt my dick brush against her hard butt. My right hand went down to her pussy and stroked her slippery clit while my left hand stayed in her breast.

“Oohhh,” she moaned.

Her cunt felt warm and I wondered how it feels to fuck her pussy. We’ve been having sex for a while but I haven’t tried fucking her cunt.

“I want to fuck your cunt this time,” I whispered to Lady’s ear.

Lady bent down slightly and I entered her from behind. Her hot, wet cunt swallowed my meat with one swift movement. Her pussy felt as tight as her cunt, but what made it more pleasant is the wetness and warmth that wrapped my shaft. I fucked Lady hard, her right cheek pressed against the bathroom wall.

“Oh, yes, fuck me hard,” she managed to say.

I felt her vaginal muscle tightened and vibrated. Her breath became faster and shallower and her hand gripped my butt. She came with a soft scream. I fucked her more and made my thrusts deeper.

“Oh, bitch, you’re so fucking tight!” I said.

“Fuck me more with your giant dick, oh, yes, yes!” She came one more time and I pulled my shaft from her pussy and rammed it in her ass where I shot off my load.

Looks like my butt adventure with Lady is only the beginning.