Sadie Grey Big Butt Tone Butt Exchange

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My brother Joseph and his friend were talking about Padma, the new girl. She is an exchange student and very popular with the boys. I find Padma attractive but what made me really interested with her is when I heard my brother and his friend call her the ‘Indian butt magic’. I asked them why they call her that. They said, “It’s for you to find out.” So, the next day, I asked Padma for a date. She agreed and told me to pick her up at her dorm.

I picked her up at exactly seven that night. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and off-shouldered blouse. Her tone butt looked very sexy in her tight jeans. We did the usual date activities: movie, dinner, talk. My car was parked in front of her dorm, and I kissed her when she said goodnight. She returned the kiss and I even felt her tongue inside my mouth. I felt aroused and my hands moved to her bare shoulders. I pulled down her blouse and her breasts appeared. I leaned down and licked her nipples.

“Ooohhh,” she cried.

I sucked her nipples while unzipping her pants. I pulled it down and left her pants hanging down her knees. She was still sitting at the passenger seat and I was at the driver’s seat. We decided to go to the backseat where a wider base awaits us. We were at the back of the car, and I made her lie on her stomach. Then she propped herself with her knees and elbows, with her butt bubble facing me. I kissed her butt bubble and fingered her visible clit. “Oohh, yes. Lick my cunt and asshole,” she said. I licked her clit and her asshole. She tasted delicious. I gave her a tongue until she was shaking with orgasm. When I can’t hold it any longer, I freed my dong and shoved it into her ass. She was very tight and hot inside. I came almost instantly, filling her with my thick, warm semen. My brother was right, Padma is an Indian butt magic and I wonder where I have been all along.