I finally get to use Lady’s butt end

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My reward from Mr. Houston turned out great. I got to fuck Lady, his secretary. You cannot tell that Lady is such a bombshell just by looking at her. She usually wears old-fashioned clothes that hide her fabulous figure. Mr. Houston gave me a night with Lady. It turned out to be the most amazing night I ever had. It happened at Lady’s pad. Lady walked out of the shower wrapped in fluffy white towel. Her butt end was showing while she walked towards her dresser to brush her dark hair. I was sitting on her bed, a little embarrassed, but my dick was already hard with excitement.

“Know how to do butt thumbs?” she asked without looking at me. She was applying moisturizer on her legs.

“No. What’s butt thumbs,” I said.

“Oh, never mind. Let’s just get this thing started. I’m fucking horny now,” she said while taking off the towel that covered her perfect body.

She walked towards me. Her boobs are round but not that big, her taut nipples are pink and proud. Her skin is tan and smooth. She stood before me and pulled the towel wrapped around my waist.

“Ooohh, looks bigger than Mr. Houston’s” she cooed.

I blushed. She took my hands and cupped her smooth butt with them. My face was only inches from her pussy, I could smell her sweetness.

“Go on. Lick it,” Lady said.

I licked her neatly trimmed cunt and she tasted awesome. Everything else was commanded by Lady and I just followed her commands, but I admit, I enjoyed everything she told me to do. Then we came to the ‘actual’ fucking part. I did what Mr. Houston did: I fucked Lady’s smooth butt. Despite of Mr.Houston’s big dick fucking her in regular intervals, her asshole is still very tight. I came inside her and my cum dripped down her thighs. Lady said that she my cock more than Mr. Houston’s, and if I can keep a secret, I’ll get to fuck her more. Of course, I can keep a secret.