Karups PC hd sex world

Karups PC hd sex world

A porn review of Karups PC needs to be done as soon as possible for many as this site is amateur porn heaven.

Their massive archive filled with anything and everything amateur as well as their uncanny knack of finding the hottest young women around has rightfully seen their popularity increase steadily year on year.

It’s hard to believe that sites like Karups have been around since the 90′s but they have and after 25+ years in the game you’d expect nothing less than a top service.

That quality comes at a slightly higher price however and Karups PC will cost you $9.95 a month at the standard rate.


Longevity should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the content at Karups PC.

25 years in the business is no joke and in that time they’ve been able to accumulate a quite substantial archive. The small matter of 10,000+ videos and 22,000+ galleries to be precise.

As with any site this site, you get so much variety you can’t really tarnish the whole site with one brush but if we had to, we’d describe Karups PC as out and out hardcore amateur action.

Sure, there is plenty here that borders towards the softer side of hardcore. The likes of masturbation and toy play feature quite heavily but there is also filthy guy/girl banging, steamy lesbian action and anal action too.

The real variety lies within the ladies themselves and at Karups PC you’ll find a realistic selection of women.

By that we mean it’s not all absolute stunners, the site reflects real life very well.

If you walk into a bar anywhere in the world you’ll find plenty of hotties, a few older women, a few cuties carrying a bit of extra timber and even some not so hot.

Overall, the women here are fantastic but don’t expect to stumble across perfection all the time as that’s not what amateur antics is about!

Whilst the content is superb on the whole, the actual site lacks a serious wow factor.

Karups PC have built their business around creating content that people want, they’ve yet to master providing a service that people want as well.

For example, you’ll find very little information on the models themselves or even the scenes they’re in.

You’ll get some brilliant HD content as well as some dated SD content that hasn’t really stood the test of time.

You’ll find what you’re looking for relatively easily with the advanced search feature but even this could be improved.

What we’re saying is once you’ve got past the excellence of the entertainment itself, it’s all very hit and miss at Karups PC.

Even with their obvious flaws, Karups PC is still a very good site and perhaps we’ve been overly critical of it.
The price is reasonable for the amount of action you get and the action is tasty enough for us to recommend this is a safe option.