Butt Shots Gone Wrong

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There are lots of ways to get bigger butt.

Some go for butt implants and some go for butt shots. I still think that the best way to get thick butt is by working out. You don’t have to go through any surgery or inject stuff to get bigger butt. The best workout for having bigger butt is sex. The more pumping you do then the firmer it gets. Don’t you notice that most sexually active girls get a firm and toned body?

I dated this chick back in college who tried using butt shots because she was scared to go under the knife, but wants to get quicker result. She was so damn lazy in working out that’s why she chose to inject some chemicals in her butt. I do like her cute butt, but it would be better if it was bigger. She always gets insecure each time I check out girls with thick butt that passes by. I told her there’s nothing wrong with looking as long as I don’t touch them. Oh well, some girls just don’t understand that.

butt shotsAfter a few weeks of using that, I noticed that her butt turned as hard as a brick. Fuck! It hurts each time she gives me a lap dance. I felt like my cock was going to get squished. It was also not fun squeezing them because they were too tight and hard. I tried slapping them once and it turned my hand red. I was the one suffering because I have to live with her solid butt. I started to make excuses not to fuck her because I don’t have the balls to tell her the truth. She broke up with me and I was so happy when she did.

I met this dude that she was dating now and he told me that I should have warned him. He said his fucking balls hurt each time they fuck but he can’t back out now because they were already engaged. I felt sorry for that dude. Good riddance to that chick.